The Future Of Lighting At LuxLive

It’s that time of year again – ExCel London will see its doors open to host LuxLive 2017 on November 15-16. ECN takes a look at some of the highlights that will be taking place at this year’s event.

With the lighting industry abounding with new technology and innovation, the annual lighting event has become a calendar staple for the sharing of new products and information. LuxLive helps attendees stay up-to-date with the latest tech and trends that are evolving within the sector – from novel products to the smart home and connected lighting. This year’s event, which is free to attend, is set to be a platform for learning, networking, and the exchange of information between leading industry members.

More than 300 exhibitors will be showcasing the latest lighting products and services available, and delegates will also have the opportunity to take part in a diverse learning and education programme, delivered by industry experts. There is a wealth of information to take in, from practical ‘how to‘ sessions to seminars and panel discussions that take a deeper look into more in-depth issues facing specific sectors.


Exploring the future

The Gooee IoT Arena will be the centerpiece stage of the event. It’s looking to the future, providing a rolling programme of talks that will explain the ways in which the digital revolution is set to transform traditional lighting.

There will be a lot happening on the stage over the course of the two-day event. As well as several break-out sessions, the arena will also highlight some real-world case studies, including connected lighting installations at BMW’s flagship showroom in Munich, Absa Bank branches in South Africa and the Petrie Museum in London.

The stage will be the scene of a number of presentations and demonstrations that will cover a range of topics. From Power over Ethernet (PoE), Li-Fi – internet and data delivered using visible light rather than radio waves – and Bluetooth mesh, the arena will provide a place to learn about how lighting might change with new technology.

Scottish start-up pureLiFi and Linmore LED will be demonstrating elements of this new technology as part of their Li-Fi experience zone. The zone will offer more information on LED ‘light bars’, which could replace the commonly used fluorescent tubes. The zone will explore whether integration of Li-Fi within LED strip lights could drive mass adoption, enabling Li-Fi to move into full-scale implementation within places like offices, schools, warehouses.

pureLiFi and French light fitting manufacturer Lucibe will also be showcasing a newly developed luminaire. It places all the necessary Li-Fi components in a black ring that lies flat against the ceiling and is designed to circle an LED light. Delivering the internet via visible light, it is able to support between eight to 16 users at once, and deliver data at rates of 45Mbps. The Ores Li-Fi fitting will be on display at the for an up-close look.


In and out

The Smart Spaces Conference, powered by Holophane, is new for 2017, and will turn its focus on connected outdoor lighting. Through a number of talks, case studies and best practice discussions, delegates will have the chance to learn more about advanced lighting features such as environment monitoring, asset management, parking information, lamp and ballast failure reporting and integration with third party systems and software.

The Smart Spaces Conference is collocated with LuxLive and is free to attend for a wide range of industry professionals, including engineers and advisors, owners and operators of large lighting estates in retail, education, healthcare, outdoor and public realm, industry, transport, highways, commercial, offices and public sector.


Learning zone

As well as a myriad of new technology on show, LuxLive will be offering an opportunity to get advice, ask questions, and learn about the latest in lighting. The LIA Lighting Academy is a new educational programme at LuxLive which will take delegates through the fundamentals of light, light sources, standards, legislation and lighting design.

The Academy is designed to give attendees extra knowledge and information to aid in their decisions when it comes to the installation of lighting in buildings. The programme offers delegates CPD points and a certificate of completion.

Delegates will be able to learn more about CEF’s National Accounts and Projects departments, and its solutions for lighting professionals working on domestic, commercial or industrial jobs

CEF’s Projects service allows larger contractors to receive tailored support, guidance and equipment for specific electrical jobs. The National Accounts department, meanwhile, provides a centralised experience, as well as pricing compliance for organisations with multiple accounts across the UK or those that have nationwide requirements.


Safety first

The LuxLive exhibition will also cover all things related to emergency lighting – from best practice and legislation to energy efficiency and easy maintenance. As well as tutorials and presentations led by authorities on lighting, there will be the opportunity to take a closer look at state-of-the-art emergency lighting equipment from industry innovators.

There are a number of things that those responsible for emergency lighting installations need to be mindful of, including the latest legislation and best practice, energy efficiency and low maintenance, as well as ensuring a building’s occupants are safe at all times.

Panel discussions will allow delegates to ask questions, discuss and share expertise about key issues in emergency lighting, including smart technology and the role it has to play, as well as signage, luminaire conversions, and regulations in a changing world.

The Escape Zone will place a focus on emergency lighting requirements and standards. The zone is a place to gain practical knowledge, including how to do a risk assessment, regulation compliance, best practice procedures and of course the latest innovations in emergency lighting and safety.

Hochiki Europe’s emergency lighting manager, Ian Watts, will be outlining best practice regarding the latest standards around emergency luminaries. He will will present Is my emergency lighting compliant? which will pinpoint the major changes just applied to the standard in the Escape Zone at 10:30am on the first day.

Hochiki Europe will also be showcasing its combined emergency lighting and fire detection system, FIREscape+. The system has been specially designed to inform building occupants of unsafe exit routes during emergencies. This is possible via the product’s shared system, in which emergency exit signs and luminaires sit on the same loop as fire detectors being controlled by the same panel.

Lightspace will be taking place alongside LuxLive, and is aimed at bringing architects together with the lighting design community. It is another space for the exchange of new ideas and new products, and presentations will include talks on such topics as lighting without luminaires, virtual reality and lighting design on a budget. A pop-up restaurant at Lightspace, the Lumen Café, will provide a place for delegates to relax in between presentations.

The first day of LuxLive 2017 will be wrapped up with an extended closing time. The event will be open until 9pm on Wednesday November 15, giving both exhibitors and attendees a chance to network with colleagues and clients at on-stand drinks parties that will take place from 6pm.


Getting technical

This year’s event will be continuing its tradition of providing a platform for the latest novel technologies coming to market.

Lighting controls specialist B.E.G. will showcase its new range of intelligent light controls using the DALI open standard. The LUXOMAT net DALI System provides end users with an entire intelligent lighting control package which includes multisensors, relay modules, switch interfaces, a power supply with USB interface and DALI software for set-up with the DALI electronic ballasts.

This scalable network solution is aimed at providing greater energy efficiency in buildings, while also providing enhanced wellbeing for the room or building’s occupants. There are solutions from single rooms, to multiple rooms, to full building control which integrates into the Building Management System.

Crompton will showcase its Phoebe LED range of domestic and commercial fittings for interior, exterior and specialist areas. The Phoebe LED range is designed to provide totally energy efficient lighting solutions with emergency, sensor and DALI options available as specials on most of the range. Making its debut at the show will by the Spectrum, an app-controlled tuneable fire rated downlighter that can be operated from a smartphone.

Beckhoff Automation will be demonstrating advanced lighting controls as part of its holistic approach to a wider Building Management System. Beckhoff’s PC and ethernet-based control platform can be used to create a buildingwide automation solution or converge existing systems and expand them to optimise energy usage, ensure occupier comfort and wellbeing, and provide IoT connectivity of all assets for today’s smart buildings.


Don’t miss out

LuxLive 2017 is set to be a an exciting chance for the sector to explore the new revolution in smart devices that can control the living environment. The event will highlight the ways in which lighting can form the backbone of this new digital world, giving attendees the information and knowledge to embrace the way lighting will change in the future.

The event will be taking place at ExCeL London on Wednesday November 15, from 9am to 9pm, and Thursday November 16, from 9am to 5pm.. Entry is free – simply preregister at the LuxLive website. Advanced bookings are required for the LIA Lighting Academy and Smart Spaces Conference.

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