Makita 100 today – That’s 100 products today powered with just one battery!

This means that if a Makita power tool owner has only one 18v Makita Lithium-Ion battery he could still power 100 different products with that single battery! This is confidently believed to be the largest inventory of power tools ever manufactured by one company that fits one single battery format.

Since 2005, when Makita became the pioneering tool manufacturer to launch Lithium-Ion powered cordless tools, the company’s market share has risen consistently to become Britain’s number 1 professional power tool manufacturer. The Makita 18v Lithium-Ion platform has featured increasing torque outputs from tools continually reducing in overall weight and size with consistently longer battery life and the fastest charge time of any power tool battery in its class. Tools in the range are powered by 2.0Ah, 3.0Ah, 4.0Ah and now 5.0Ah variants. The latest development in this rich saga is the twin-18v concept where two 18v Lithium-Ion batteries are employed to power one tool and deliver a mighty 36v of power.

The ‘100 professional cordless power tool range’ includes just about every type of power tool available, anywhere! From entry level drill drivers and impact tools, to screwdrivers, staplers, planers, jointers, circular saws, in fact saws of every type, sanders, grinders, vibrating tools, steel cutters, blowers, caulking guns and sprayers, radios, torches, vacuum cleaners and even a coffee maker, and every single product is bursting with the most advanced innovations and technologies to ensure maximum performance with comfort and safety guaranteed.

Then of course there is the rapidly expanding grounds maintenance, landscaping and gardening range for grounds care contractors, professional gardeners and domestic users offering Lithium-Ion battery powered hedge trimmers, mowers, chainsaws and grass trimmers.  Makita’s Lithium-Ion batteries are also used to power heated jackets for winter warmth on site and around the rugby pitch!

Away from the official Makita ‘100 professional cordless power tool range’, this ubiquitous 18v Lithium-Ion battery has delivered its many attributes to win the Watercraft Makita Cordless Canoe Challenge for battery powered river craft; it has been used to power the fastest UK motorbike travelling at up to 186mph in just seven seconds; to deliver added power to a unique Makita branded bicycle and even power the smallest vehicle in the world built for Top Gear’s tiny Richard Hammond!

View the ‘100 professional cordless power tool range’ at

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