Managing the Issue of Digital Age Business Continuity

Business Continuity Made Easy

Any interruption to business continuity represents high risk. In this new digitisation era, equipment downtime equates to information systems network downtime. The immediate expense of disruptions to business continuity (unplanned downtime) is significant.

Revisiting the state of infrastructure and facility management resiliency across the enterprise plays an important role in assuring business continuity. A continuous and stable supply of clean power is essential. Power protection has never been more important than in the current environment, with companies trying to increase the pace of business in order to meet challenges and take advantage of opportunities in the cloud/Internet of Things era. They count on not just their IT systems, but office computer systems, manufacturing plant machinery, retail point of sale systems and other work environment equipment to be fully functional at all times.

Schneider Electric has designed an easy solution for you! It offers first-class power protection, and now comes with smart battery modules included. Galaxy VS UPS is the EcoStruxure Ready, three-phase, compact backup that innovates against downtime. It is now available with internal smart battery modules or external batteries.

The Galaxy family of UPSs delivers highly efficient, simple-to-deploy, compact three-phase UPS power protection. With innovative ECOnversion mode, Li-ion options and a range of 10 kW to 1500 kW, the Galaxy UPS seamlessly integrates into the electrical, physical and monitoring environment of customers operating data centres, industrial applications or facilities.

Power protection as innovative as your business

• Double conversion mode delivers up to 97% efficiency.
• 99% efficient with ECOnversion mod.
• The UPS you can rely on, with durable Lithium-ion batteries and our expert Digital Services offer.
• Modular architecture for maximum availability.
• Cloud -based, open platform allows for seamless integration and future-proof adaptability.

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