Martindale enhances its safe isolation kit range

Martindale enhances its safe isolation kit range

With the rise of renewable energy related applications like electric vehicle infrastructure, solar and other green energy sources, more electrical contractors and engineers than ever are faced with troubleshooting and working with DC systems.

To meet this increased demand, Martindale Electric has announced an upgrade to its safe isolation and voltage tester kits by introducing the ‘SRD’ range of proving units with a stepped voltage output matched to two-pole tester thresholds plus the ability to deliver either AC or DC with a simple push button.

Safe isolation procedures require voltage indicators to be proved against a known source both before and after use. As one of the UK market leaders in safe isolation, Martindale Electric supplies a range of both voltage indicators and voltage testers in comprehensive kits which include a compatible proving unit.

Currently the higher end 690V Martindale safe isolation and voltage tester kits contain the standard PD690S AC proving unit. From July, new kits will include the new PD690SRD proving unit replacing the PD690S. The PD690SRD retains all the capabilities of its predecessor, while adding stepped output and DC capability, ensuring electricians and engineers can both confidently perform standard safe isolation procedures and also verify correct DC voltage operation of their test equipment during installations.

The upgraded kits include models VIPD150-S, VIPDLOK150-S, VIPDLOKPRO150-S, VT12PD-S, VT25PD-S, and VT28PD-S. These enhanced kits will have the same manufacturer list price as the previous items.

These enhancements make Martindale’s kits more versatile and also cover many of the evolving needs of the electrical and renewable energy sectors.

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