Martindale’s Tempting Trio For ED&I

Martindale is getting ready for the new national electrical trade show ED&I with three areas of interest for visitors.

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On Stands 33 and 42, visitors will be able to get to grips with the new Martindale Electric kits which are designed to make sure contractors will never get stuck on-site unable to safely isolate a circuit again.

Martindale says the kits contain the UK’s leading voltage indicator, matching proving device and the new 13 piece LOKKITPRO, all supplied in two convenient soft carry cases. The kits enable safe working and compliance with Health and Safety recommendations when maintaining or installing electrical plant and equipment.

The LOKKITPRO enables safe isolation procedures to be carried out on all types of distribution board in all types of facility and is recommended for contractors and maintenance teams working on industrial and commercial sites. It incorporates the full range of Martindale locking off devices, compatible with all distribution boards and red spot type fuse holders.

It includes the latest LOK7 slimline mcb lock for use on breakers, where the position of the test button may prevent the use of conventional lock outs or access is restricted. It also includes a 1m cable lock device suitable for both electrical and mechanical locking out, as well as a steel hasp for use with multiple padlocks – for when more than one operator is working on the same installation.

There is a plastic body padlock with a 6mm hardened steel shackle for securing the locking devices. Each padlock has a unique safety lockout key with serial number and is supplied with two sets of self-adhesive warning labels indicating ‘DO NOT REMOVE LOCKED OUT’ and ‘PROPERTY OF’ for completion by the end user.

The first variant is the VIPDLOKKITPRO138 and includes a 400V voltage indicator and proving unit. The VIPDLOKKITPRO150 includes a 690V voltage indicator and proving unit rated 1,000V CAT IV, making it suitable for all installation categories.

The maker says the VI Series of voltage indicators are the safest and simplest solution to proving dead. No ranges, switches or batteries, as they can lead to potentially unreliable voltage readings. The Martindale voltage indicator and proving unit are supplied in a combination carry case, ensuring both are always at hand when needed. For convenience, the proving unit can be used without having to remove it from the case.

Thermal Cameras

Also on show will be the new IRC thermal imaging cameras, desinged to offer a breakthrough in affordable thermal imaging for troubleshooting of electrical and mechanical installations.

The combination of real time thermal imaging with spot infrared temperature measurement, packaged in a rugged pistol design, make it well suited for electricians and maintenance teams needing fast on-site diagnostics. The cameras show hot and cold spots at a glance and accurately measure spot temperatures of hot and hard to reach surfaces.

The advanced thermal images, displayed on the 4.5cm colour display, combine colour temperature gradients and component outlines to quickly troubleshoot problems, be it poor electrical connections, phase unbalance or faulty motors and bearings. Both IRC235 and IRC237 include an infrared spot thermometer making it easy to accurately and safely measure the temperature of hot and hard to reach surfaces without contact.

For more advanced applications, the IRC237 has an extended temperature range to 650oC and allows simple capture and storage of the image to the SD card for evaluation and reporting. In addition, laser targeting and the 5 LED torch make it easy to get reliable measurements whatever the environment. The built-in lens cover of the IRC237 provides protection for all environments.

The two models can be used for a wide range of applications from identifying sources of heat loss to reduce energy bills, through to checking the correct functioning of heating and ventilation systems. The point and shoot designs have been made to be easy to use and enable users to get up and running without the need to navigate complicated menus. The IRC237 allows simple setting of emissivity and choice of colour palettes for enhanced diagnostics.

The IRC237 also includes a UV leak detector function which, for example, can be used to reliably detect leaks in cooling and air-conditioning systems when a suitable UV indicator dye is used featuring a lightweight pistol shape design for comfort and easy access to functions.


Testing Times 

For the same price as a standalone multi-function tester, Martindale’s new ET4000 Series bundles include the two essential tools for all contactors free of charge, the Martindale VT25 two pole voltage tester and the new LOKKITBASE locking off kit. The limited edition kits are available with either ET4000 or ET4500 rechargeable multi-function testers, both of which fit conveniently in the Test & Go carry case which has been designed to allow testing without having to unpack and repack the instrument.

Martindale multifunction testers simplify 17th edition testing by having the latest Zs loop impedance values built-in together with red and green LED indicators for instant pass/fail results. The maker says everything about the new ET Series has been designed to save time and make testing easier, from the capability to display all results from an RCD auto test on one screen, to the inclusion of useful help menus at the press of a button. On connection, the testers carry out an automatic polarity and wiring check identifying potentially dangerous wiring faults in advance of any testing.

The Martindale VT25 is described as a tough, compact two pole tester for measuring AC/DC voltages from 12V to 690V. Additional capabilities include continuity and phase rotation testing plus single pole voltage detection. The AC/DC voltage detection, continuity and phase rotation functions all have bright LED indication. Auto power-off ensures a long battery lifetime. The voltage indicator conforms to all the latest safety standards and includes removable probe caps for GS38 compliance. Additional safety features include a 1.2m double insulated cable with a black outer and contrasting inner core to give a visual warning of any damage. A built-in white LED torch makes it easy to use in low light environments.

The six-piece LOKKIT BASE includes three different Martindale MCB locks, catering for most standard MCBs. The basic Martindale lock kit enables contractors to carry out safe isolation procedures correctly as required by the Electricity at Work Regulations and includes the essentials for industry association approvals.


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