Maximise your career potential in building controls with the BCIA

The Building Controls Industry Association (BCIA) is encouraging trades personnel looking to build on their existing knowledge gained from the BCM01-03 training courses to maximise their career potential with three further courses that will qualify them for an Advanced Technical Certificate.

The electrotechnical industry is a competitive environment and the BCIA believes that possessing detailed knowledge on the full range of building controls technology is a huge advantage for professionals looking to stand out amongst the crowd. The BCIA therefore recommends that the following courses are taken after completion of courses BMC01-BCM03:

BCM04 – Control Function in Heating Plant, provides a detailed overview of all types of heating plant and systems together with the associated control applications. This is an advanced course for those who have a good level of knowledge and a recommended minimum of two years’ experience within the industry.

BCM05 – Control of Ventilation and Air Conditioning Plant is designed for those responsible for the design, installation and commissioning of building control technologies and systems for ventilation and air conditioning. This advanced course builds on the knowledge gained in the BCM01-BCM04 courses.

BCM06 – Control of Cooling Systems is a detailed, theory-based course relating to refrigeration and psychrometrics, focusing on how the refrigeration process operates. This is an advanced course for those who have a good level of knowledge and a recommended minimum of two years’ experience within the industry.

Engineers who complete the BCM04-06 courses will be presented with the Advanced Technical Certificate. This qualification provides engineers with an opportunity to prove to clients and employers their full understanding of the six building controls subjects which cover Fundamentals of HVAC & Building Technology, Measuring & Control Technology, Hydraulics in Building Systems, Control Function in Heating Plant, Control of Ventilation and Air Conditioning Plant and Control of Cooling Systems.

Online training is now available for the BCIA’s full suite of training courses and exams can also be taken remotely through the Electrotechnical Certification Scheme’s Remote Invigilation service.

BCIA President Terry Sharp says: “With the BCIA making 2021 its year of training, and also celebrating its 30th anniversary, the diversity and depth of our training courses is something we are very proud of. Whether it’s a basic understanding or detailed technical knowledge you’re looking for the BCIA has something to offer, and if you qualify for the BCIA’s Advanced Technical Certificate you will really maximise your industry career options.”

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