Megaman highlights the merchandise at Cameron’s

Replacing all lighting throughout the store, including the restaurant, with Megaman’s Siena LED downlights, the current estimated energy figures equate to 23,1225 kw/hours saved per annum. This equates to an annual CO2 saving of 103 tonnes and cost savings of £30,000 per annum. The main store itself, covers five floors and has over 25 individual departments. The company also have two other stores locally, Cameron’s Furniture and McKillens.

Installed by T&E Howie, 920 of Megaman’s 35.5W 4000K integrated downlights have been used throughout all three stores to replace the existing 26W CFL downlights.    With the original lamps failing and constant maintenance required this was becoming increasingly inconvenient in such busy retail environments so it was imperative to find a more reliable lighting system.   

Megaman’s Siena downlights offer a life of 50,000 hours and also a 5 year warranty so there is now little or no maintenance for the next 5 years.  

Paul Howie, managing director of T&E Howie, commented: ‘At the start of the installation, Cameron’s management were so impressed with the look and lux level achieved with the new lighting that they decided that all three stores should be completed in quick succession. Staff also commented that the new LED lighting really did highlight and show the colours of the merchandise to its very best which in turn has attracted more customers into all three stores.’

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