Megger releases new multifunction tester

Multifunction tester

Wiring switchgear is all about safety and knowing what you are doing. The MFT-X1, designed by Megger, is an innovative multifunction tester that is intended to make electrical safety testing easier and more reliable. Its suitability for testing electrical appliances such as electric vehicle charging stations is just one example of the product’s versatility. Quick and reliable readings, as well as keeping plant downtime to the minimum, give companies a significant competitive edge by helping them save time and money.

True loop impedance testing using Confidence Meter technology

The MFT-X1 provides readings you can trust. Megger’s patented Confidence Meter technology supports loop impedance testing, which includes monitoring progress made and detecting any electrical noise that affects the circuitry. Moreover, inaccurate readings are removed to enable stable and consistent measurements. Thanks to Confidence Meter technology, two-core test leads and a high-voltage rating, low-impedance testing has now become a workable option. Which is precisely what the MFT-X1 designers at Megger had in mind when increasing meter resolution from 0.01Ω to 0.001Ω and upping the product current rating to 50kA.

Adjustable RCD testing cycles

The MFT-X1 enables automated RCD testing centred around user-specified parameters, such as consecutive measurement cycles and selected individual RCCD settings, depending on the type of testing to be carried out. In addition, ramp tests both optimise and simplify testing procedures. Using the MFT-X1 together with the Megger EVCA adapter allows electrical testing during commissioning and maintenance of all types of electric vehicle chargers, and during inspections of electric motors, machinery and power supply units.

Easy tool-free battery change

Talking about battery change, the MFT-X1 comes with a design that makes swapping NiMH battery packs a fast and easy process. The product is compatible with both Megger Li-Ion powerpacks and other AA-sized NiMH and alkaline batteries. Swapping rechargeable battery packs with the AA battery compartment is pretty straightforward. The device uses smart chip technology to ensure an accurate display of the battery status. Furthermore, changing batteries does not require any tools.

Easy to use

The design of the MFT-X1 centres around practicability. Selector switches and hot keys are easy to use, even when wearing gloves. If light conditions are poor, the colour screen can be switched to a monochrome display mode to improve readability. Readings are stored using any Android or iOS device that supports Bluetooth protocol: the data is forwarded to the cloud-based Megger Certsuite platform that also enables data processing. Moreover, the necessity to update the operating system won’t make the MFT-X1 temporarily unusable. The latest OS versions are available for download on the Megger web page, to be transferred to a micro-SD card which, in turn, is then used to update the multimeter.

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