Minister and CICV Forum urge construction industry to follow safety guidance

Housing Minister Kevin Stewart joined the Construction Industry Coronavirus (CICV) Forum in reminding the sector’s workers to stay COVID smart in their social lives and when travelling to and from jobs.

Stewart insists it was “essential” for construction workers to keep following guidance to prevent the spread of the virus.

He paid tribute to contractors and sector staff for their patience, insisting he appreciates the “great sacrifices” that have been made.

The Minister for Local Government, Housing and Planning comments: “I’d like to thank construction workers for following our instructions over the past eight months to help keep themselves and others safe – but the job is far from over and, it’s vital that everyone keeps abiding by the guidance.

“Under the current Scottish Government rules, construction projects are being allowed to continue, so it is essential that workers keep acting responsibly at all times, both on and off-site.

“I know it has been challenging for all of us and we have all had to make great sacrifices, but with winter approaching we are in a crucial stage of our fight against the pandemic, so wherever we are and whatever we’re doing we must all continue to play our part.”

Stewart pointed contractors to animations produced by the CICV Forum, which offer guidance on what to do while travelling to work and the importance of physical distancing outside work, with both campaigns underpinning advice from the Scottish government.

He adds: “The animations produced by the CICV Forum offer a concise overview of the measure that we should all currently be taking.

“I would urge all construction workers in Scotland to watch this guidance and familiarise themselves with exactly what’s needed to keep themselves and those around them safe from the threat of COVID-19.

“In the coming weeks and months, our focus must be on collaboration and the construction industry has an important role to play as we move forward with Scotland’s recovery.”

The Forum’s travel animation reminds workers to travel alone if possible, open windows, turn off air conditioning and clean all surfaces. If sharing, workers must wear a face covering, with the same people on all journeys. It urges workers using public transport to avoid rush hour, observe physical distancing, carry hand sanitiser and use contactless payments.

The collective’s campaign on how to behave away from work urges contractors to “stay COVID-19 smart” by observing physical distancing when socialising.

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