Mira’s wireless Advance simplifies wet rooms

The Mira Advance Flex Extra Wireless simplifies installing or retro-fitting a wet room in situations where a conventional gravity fed drainage system would be unfeasible such as where level access is required.

Developed especially for the visually impaired and endorsed by the RNIB, the standard Mira Advance Flex has a large, colour contrasted rotary lever, tactile raised areas, a large on/off button, backlit buttons and an audible click on the temperature lever so it is easy to use. The push button on/off switch also means that the user can leave the power and temperature controls at their preferred settings.

With the Advance Flex Extra Wireless shower everyone benefits – the user and the installer. The user has a quiet shower that is fail-safe: the suction noise from the gulley is kept to a minimum because the pump speed matches the flow rate of the shower and the shower shuts down automatically to prevent any risk of flooding if the pump stops. The pump and the shower are linked by a unique digital serial number so there is no interference with other wireless devices and, thanks to a built-in memory, the pump and the shower remain registered if there is a power cut once the power is restored.

The shower is designed to work with the Whale Instant Match Wireless Pump, so that integral sensors ensure that the pump rate matches the shower flow rate for more efficient drainage and reduced noise. When the shower is turned off, the pump automatically slows down but continues to clear any remaining water from the tray, while a purge function is activated after 15 minutes to drain any pooled water.

For the installer the job is simplified because there is no physical link between the shower unit and the pump – you can fit it up to five metres away with no trunking or conduits to worry about, saving time and giving a tidier finish.

Setting up is simplicity itself: connect the power to the Instant Match transformer, turn the shower on to full cold, turn the power on for the shower with the pull cord and simply press down on the transformer test button. The Advance will emit an audible bleep and a green light will flash from the transformer to show that it has been successfully paired.

The Flex model also features an extra-long slide bar which is also easily adjusted for height because the friction clamp bracket can be operated with just one hand – a feature that occupational therapists consider to be ‘inclusive’. The rotary lever that controls temperature is fitted with a loop so it can be operated easily by those with limited dexterity. An important feature is the two metre long shower hose that enables carers to provided assisted showering.

The shower’s safety features include phased shutdown, which not only protects the shower’s next user by flushing out hot water from the tank but also reduces limescale, and Mira’s own Advanced Temperature Limit (ATL) technology, which gives eight different maximum temperature settings including a BEAB Care setting. The four spray showerhead has rub clean rubber nozzles for easy cleaning and the shower also is rated best in class for limescale resistance.

For further information, please visit: www.mirashowers.co.uk



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