Revealed: the most in-demand trades across the UK 

In demand trades

Brits search for local tradespeople on Google over 700,000 times a month and now new research has revealed which of the trades are most in demand.

The study, conducted by IronmongeryDirect, analysed search data from across the nation and found that plumbers are the most sought-after.

Every month, Brits make 162,415 searches for plumbers, representing 23% of all online trade enquiries.

In fact, in 82 of the UK’s 100 largest towns and cities, plumbers are the most coveted tradespeople.

The most in-demand trades across the UK are:

  Trade Average UK monthly searches Percentage of all searches for tradespeople
1 Plumber 162,415 23%
2 Electrician 107,230 15%
3 Landscaper 94,337 13%
4 Roofer 67,508 10%
5 Plasterer 65,943 9%
6 Carpenter 60,798 9%
7 Builder 56,585 8%
8 Joiner 41,563 6%
9 Bricklayer 18,664 3%
10 Building Surveyor 11,612 2%
11 Scaffolder 8,538 1%
12 Painter 8,283 1%


The people of Bath are most likely to seek the services of a tradesperson, with 103 monthly Google searches per 1,000 residents – the highest rate in the UK. The Somerset city is followed by Preston (102) and Bedford (88).

However, this varies by trade, with Exeter being the most lucrative city for many workers.

Trade Most sought after city Average monthly searches
Joiner Southampton 4,813
Plumber Blackpool 4,158
Plasterer Bath 3,525
Electrician Worcester 2,088
Roofer Preston 1,810
Builder Exeter 1,702
Landscaper Exeter 930
Carpenter Bedford 866
Bricklayer Colchester 354
Scaffolder Exeter 253
Painter Exeter 183
Building Surveyor Cambridge 173


Dominick Sandford, Managing Director at IronmongeryDirect, says: “Tradespeople are incredibly valued members of communities all over the UK, but it’s interesting to see exactly where their skills are most sought after at the moment.

“For people looking to enter a trade or set up their own business, data like this could be really useful when choosing a location to establish yourself, as it’s a helpful indicator of potential demand for your services.”

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