The joy of flex – myenergi invites customers to join EV charging trial

myenergi is inviting owners of its iconic zappi electric vehicle (EV) charger to take part in one of the country’s largest ever energy flexibility trials.

As the UK shifts towards an energy system that is more reliant on renewable generation, it will need more flexible capacity in order to respond to peaks and troughs in supply and demand, including when the sun isn’t shining, and the wind isn’t blowing. This flexibility is delivered through technology that can essentially be turned on or off, or dialled up or down.

EV drivers with zappi chargers are being invited to sign up for this major new trial, which aims to provide a greater understanding of how demand-side flexibility, through demand-side response services, will work in practice, including what the incentives for customers might be in the future.

Drivers taking part will allow myenergi to remotely make small adjustments to how and when they charge, with the aim of reducing stress on the electricity grid and maximising the potential for renewable generation. The beta trial is the next step in enabling myenergi to eventually offer demand-side response services directly to customers, following successful smaller scale technology demonstration trials by the company.

Dr Chris Horne, Chief Technology Officer of myenergi, says: “Our customers are already invested in the future of energy. The zappi is one of the most advanced EV chargers on the market and owners are already helping to make the UK energy system work in a smarter way. While flexibility in today’s energy system is provided mostly by fossil fuel generation, customers joining our trial will help us to understand their role in cumulatively helping to replace these high emitters with smarter, cleaner capacity – a crucial step on the UK’s journey to net zero.”

EV charging, especially at home, is expected to play a significant role in delivering flexibility for the UK’s future energy system. Today, it has around 6GW of demand side flexibility, but National Grid ESO projects that it will potentially require more than 100GW by 2050.

While the latest insights suggest that unmanaged EV charging could add up to 20GW to peak electricity demand by 2050, smart EV charging – including demand side response services – could reduce this peak by up to 15GW. While demand side response capabilities have been mandated in the recent Electric Vehicle Smart Charge Point Regulations, the myenergi zappi is arguably the UK’s original smart charger, having always offered customers market-leading functionality.

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