NAPIT continues to support local charities

Throughout the season, charities such as Cancer Relief UK, SPODA, Staveley Armed Forces and Veterans Association (SAFVA) and Sporting Futures have been supported by NAPIT and Chesterfield FC.

Steve Coupe from Cancer Relief UK said, ‘Cancer Relief UK are extremely grateful to NAPIT for their generous donation of matchday tickets for Chesterfield FC and are proud to be associated with them. We use the tickets for raffle prizes and they have become a very popular amongst our supporters at fundraising events throughout the region.’

Tracy Gorman, office administrator for SPODA, said, ‘NAPIT have supported our charity over the past couple of years by providing us with football tickets for a home Chesterfield FC match and we’ve been able to use these for our annual Christmas client event raffle. It is so lovely that local companies support local charities/non-profit organisations.’

Joe Roberts, chairman of the SAFVA, said, ‘During the past five Armed Forces Events, NAPIT has made a positive difference to our fundraising by providing a prize for our annual grand draw. Last year the prize provided caused quite a bit of interest and we are pleased to say that the winner was able to treat her elderly father to a special visit to the Proact Stadium.’

Alex Fraser, community sports development officer for Sporting Futures, said, ‘We’d like to thank NAPIT for donating the Chesterfield FC tickets. We were able to reward one of our volunteers who gives their time to support young people in Chesterfield. Rewarding volunteers with tickets helps to keep them continue working with the young people.’

Following on from the above comments, Michael Andrews, the NAPIT group chief executive, said, ‘We are honoured to work with so many fantastic causes in our local area. Helping these charities and supporting the local community is something that is very important to us at NAPIT.’

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