NAPIT Expo 2012 Review: Everyone’s a winner!

NAPIT Expo 2012 Review: Everyone’s a winner!

The regional NAPIT Expo 2012 tradeshow came to the Kassam Stadium in Oxford on 24th May and proved to be a resounding success.

Visitors from the electrical and building services industry took advantage of exclusive deals and discounts, caught up with latest industry developments and enjoyed an array of informative NAPIT presentations such as their innovative Q&A sessions.

Key speakers included NAPIT CEO John Andrews who sat alongside NAPIT directors and technical experts including Richard Townsend (IET), Simon Allen (Plumb Center) and Dean Thomas (Green Deal), to openly discuss a variety of topics pertaining to the electrical industry, business affairs and marketplace prospects, the future of NAPIT and its membership and much more.

The Q&A sessions were a hit and the audience took away some invaluable insight and advice. NAPIT was reportedly inundated with pre-show applications for the launch of its new meter calibration service, yet another show highlight. Visitors and exhibitors alike were impressed with NAPIT Expo 2012 and all it offered.

Bill Leeney of Leeney Services, Derby, commented on the dynamic show, ‘I found NAPIT Expo 2012 very useful. I met a wide variety of people from the industry and everybody seems very easy to talk to. There was an amazing depth of technical expertise too; it was a very professional conference.’

NAPIT chief operating officer Martin Bruno also commented as he reflected on NAPIT’s latest trade show success, ‘We’ve had a great day as expected! There were a good number of people in attendance and the Kassam was an excellent venue. Our new Q&A sessions were all well supported and visibly appreciated by the audience. An increasing number of manufacturers and wholesalers each enjoyed the show and we’ve received some great feedback about the show and the interaction between NAPIT and all in attendance… I think everyone came out a winner!’

NAPIT member Paul Grant was one such lucky winner; thanks to NAPIT’s longstanding supporter Brother, he walked away with a brand new label printer. NAPIT is already looking to improve on the success of this year’s show and to build on the widespread enthusiasm it’s attracted.

NAPIT has compiled an illustrative multimedia gallery, which was captured by a professional film production crew and photographers to provide a closer insight into the buzz surrounding the show. Anyone unfortunate enough to have missed the show can visit for further information or to view the NAPIT Expo gallery, which is also at

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