NAPIT Gain their first Investor in Customers Award

NAPIT are the first certification and membership organisation to be assessed by IIC and has gained the IIC 2 star rating for ‘outstanding’ customer service.

During the assessment, NAPIT Registered Installers, NAPIT Training customers and staff were asked to complete a comprehensive survey to determine the quality of customer experience and relationships across a number of dimensions, including:

How well does NAPIT understand its installers?
How well does NAPIT meet its installers’ needs?
How does NAPIT’s after sales service delight its installers?
How effective is NAPIT at engendering loyalty?

NAPIT group chief executive officer, Michael Andrews, said, ‘NAPIT are incredibly proud of what we have achieved through our excellent customer service and are delighted to receive the IIC outstanding rating. Through the surveys, we have gathered lots of useful feedback which will be used to improve our service even further to give NAPIT Registered Installers the best experience possible.’

Commenting on the feedback from the installers, customer experience consultant, Charlie Williams, said, ‘This is an excellent first assessment in which NAPIT demonstrate a consistent set of scores across the IIC model, with notably strong results in the area of member loyalty.’

IIC chief executive, Sandy Bryson, said, ‘The IIC award is the only one of its kind based entirely on customer and employee feedback and solely focusing on the members’ experience. The process is a rigorous test of the customer experience provided by the company and NAPIT’s results demonstrate a highly customer centric culture.’

For more information about NAPIT and the benefits of becoming a NAPIT Registered Installer visit

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