NAPIT Keeps Members Busy With New Scheme

NAPIT has announced that after successful trials in 2016, the NAPIT Keep Busy Scheme, powered by Quotatis, has been launched nationwide, exclusively for its members.

The Keep Busy Scheme is a service designed to help members get extra work, build their reputation and grow their business. NAPIT is working with Quotatis to offer its members access to a full range of business tools, including Smart Leads and the Smart App. The service allows customers to access Smart Leads on a phone or PC, call customers more quickly with alerts for new leads and send them quotes which they can accept online.

The Smart App and Smart Dashboard that come with the system are built to take the stress out of managing customers. Jobs can be managed all from a mobile phone, tablet or desktop.

Rather than having to chase customers, the service makes it easy to see how much has been earned and how much is owed. All the information required is stored in one place. Customers that have paid are listed in the payments section and you can see whether that payment has been deposited into your account. Payments can also be taken online via the Smart Dashboard; just call the customer and take a card payment over the phone.

NAPIT members can visit for more information and to sign up for a free trial.

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