National Ventilation’s Monsoon Energysaver IntelliSense i7 shortlisted for award

National Ventilation has been shortlisted in the Electrical Wholesaler Awards 2022. The company’s Monsoon Energysaver IntelliSense i7 bathroom fan has reached the shortlist for the ‘Best New Product’ award. Winners will be chosen via a two-step process, with entrants must first facing an online vote by industry professionals. After voting, entries will be critiqued by a specially selected judging panel, comprised of individuals with extensive industry knowledge and experience.

The Electrical Wholesaler Awards has provided a unique platform for the recognition of excellence and achievements across the electrical wholesale sector. The two-step award process means only the very best pick up a coveted stamp of industry approval. The winners of the Electrical Wholesaler Awards will be announced during a live lunchtime awards ceremony on Thursday 13th October 2022 at the Chelsea Harbour Hotel, London.

National Ventilation’s Monsoon Energysaver IntelliSense i7 fan is a clever multi-function fan. The seven in one IntelliSense i7 bathroom fan is the intelligent choice for wholesalers, electricians and households alike. With a choice of intermittent or continuous running, this ultra-quiet, ultra-modern, smart bathroom fan runs extremely quietly at low speed of just 17dB. The ingenious fan also offers an intelligent humidity sensor, a useful overrun timer and presence sensor, an airing function to avoid stuffy odours in the bathroom, while offering a high performance of up to 110m3/hr.

“At National Ventilation we are delighted the Monsoon Energysaver IntelliSense i7 has been shortlisted in the Electrical Wholesaler Awards. The IntelliSense i7 is quiet yet versatile and with its seven in one option, wholesalers and electricians can be confident that they are making the right choice”, says Robin Francis, Managing Director at National Ventilation. “It also offers reduced energy consumption due to a low-voltage motor – using about a third less than conventional bathroom fans. All in all, the IntelliSense i7 fan is the intelligent choice.”

Versatile enough to ventilate bathrooms, toilets and utility areas, the seven in one IntelliSense i7 boasts six core ventilation modes including three continuous ventilation modes, three intermittent modes, and one heat mover mode that allows the fan to transfer surplus heat to an adjacent room. Suitable for installation in wet areas (IP44) such as WCs and bathrooms the fan offers further installation flexibility since it is suitable for both wall and ceiling mounting. This makes IntelliSense i7 the ideal choice for electrical wholesalers, who can offer this intelligent fan to their customers, confident that with its seven in one option, the fan’s versatility means it will fit the majority of bathroom installations. With one fan suitable for most installations, it also means wholesalers can hold less stock in their warehouses. Meanwhile, electricians can keep the fan in their van knowing they will always have the right solution for their customers to hand and that they can also expect happy customers thanks to all its intelligent features.

The IntelliSense i7 is stylish yet great value and is packed with clever features all backed up by a five-year warranty, which will be attractive for households. To help protect a home from condensation and mould the fan boasts an intelligent self-adjusting humidity sensor, which continuously measures the humidity level in the room. When it senses a sharp rise in humidity (e.g. when taking a shower) or if the relative humidity (RH) exceeds 70% it starts up automatically. When the humidity level is restored, the fan returns to basic flow or stops.

Meanwhile, a useful presence sensor is activated by motion, or when the light is switched on to ensure the fan operates when the room is in use. The over run time is 15 minutes with the fan switching to a medium speed, 60 m3/h, and depending on the choice of mode, it starts up immediately or after 2.5 minutes. However, if the humidity control or presence sensor has not been active for 24 hours, the airing function will start up with the fan operating at medium speed for 30 minutes every 12 hours. This avoids stuffy, musty odours in the bathroom when the room is unoccupied for a while.

Offering excellent performance with a high capacity and good pressure capability, the IntelliSense i7 also features a unique self-calibrating motor that senses and compensates its speed if, for example, wind resistance increases in the ventilation duct. It can be compared to a built-in cruise control that automatically ensures an optimal ventilation flow and avoids backdraughts even when the fan is running at low speed.

For electricians, installation is made easy. Suitable for both wall and ceiling mounting, once the wall frame is installed, the fan is simply fixed to the wall frame, phase and neutral are connected and the job is done. The fan offers plenty of space for electrical connection, a liftable terminal block, it has integrated seals around the back side of the wall frame and cable and screw entries, and a built-in multi-pole switch. Changing the function is made easy too. Simply lift the cover plate, select the desired mode with a screwdriver and close the cover. It’s also possible to change mode when the motor unit has been removed from the wall frame.

If you would like the IntelliSense i7 to win the EW Awards this year, cast your vote here.

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