National Ventilation works to help the environment both today and tomorrow

National Ventilation, a UK-based ventilation manufacturer and supplier, is working hard to make its ventilation more sustainable to help the environment today and tomorrow. This is great news for customers, making it easier for developers, installers and wholesalers to make more sustainable choices while still benefitting from the quality and performance National Ventilation is known for. For architects, developers and builders, with developments of 100 plots or less, keen on making sustainable choices and benefit from a free ventilation design service, National Ventilation is a great option.

National Ventilation’s sustainability targets are geared towards achieving significant improvements by the end of FY2025​. Over 70% of product sales will be from its energy efficient product ranges by the end of FY2025, while 90% of products manufactured will be made from a recycled source. National Ventilation is further aiming to minimise its environmental impact by working with its suppliers, partners and the wider industry to tackle climate change, reduce waste and protect nature. With 800 colleagues across the group and many more working within its supply chain, the company is committed to helping the environment and promoting human rights, and seeks to ensure there is decent, fair, safe work for all, today and tomorrow.

“We are working hard to enable our customers to make sustainable choices when purchasing our ventilation products while benefitting from great ventilation design and quality. We are already offering some products made from recycled plastic and customers can expect the same great product performance,” says Robin Francis, Managing Director at National Ventilation. “The transformation from virgin to recycled plastic followed significant R&D, including extensive material and product testing, so you can be sure of the quality. We are now working to extend the number of products made from recycled plastic and offer increasingly energy efficient products too.”

National Ventilation is committed to making a difference today and tomorrow by continuously improving its products’ energy performance, reducing waste throughout a product’s lifecycle, and significantly increasing the use of recycled plastic from the circular economy in the manufacturing of its products. All products that use recycled plastic are clearly labelled with a recycled plastic sticker, so specifiers, electrical wholesalers and electricians can easily identify products made with recycled plastic.

Within its product range, National Ventilation offers a wide range of rigid ducting, which is made from recycled plastic. Furthermore, the Monsoon Energysaver MON-MEV DC Multi Room Unit is now available in recycled plastic. The Monsoon Energysaver multi-room product is a mechanical extract ventilation unit, which has been designed for continuous extract of stale air from separate areas around the home or for commercial applications where a multipoint extractor system is needed, including toilets, changing rooms and cubicles.

National Ventilation’s popular Monsoon Shower Extract Fan Kits are also made from recycled material. Designed to make both electricians and electrical wholesalers’ lives easier, there is both an extract kit and extract kit with an energy-saving LED shower light. Allowing electricians to easily grab a kit and go, the Monsoon Shower Fan Kits incorporate everything required for a super-fast install. Both kits contain a 100mm UMD100T mixed flow in-line fan, 6m of PVC flexible ducting, an external fixed grille and cable ties. The Monsoon Shower Extract Kit also contains two internal diffusers, while the Monsoon Showerlite LED Extract Kit features an LED light and two air diffusers. Both types of diffuser come with a choice of white and chrome covers meaning the fan can be matched to a household’s décor. Plus, as UK-manufactured premium-build fans both kits also come with a five-year warranty.

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