Natural refrigerant commercial heat pumps from Hamworthy Heating

Natural refrigerant commercial heat pumps from Hamworthy Heating

Now available from Hamworthy Heating is the arrival of its new CO2 and CO2Q range of Tyneham monobloc heat pumps with natural refrigerant, to help future-proof investments.

Designed to achieve high temperatures of up to 70°C with ultra-low global warming potential (GWP) of just one thanks to the use of R744 (CO2) refrigerant, the latest CO2 and CO2Q Tyneham heat pumps are the perfect fit for both new build projects needing an efficient and low carbon solution.

Featuring a co-efficient of performance (CoP) rating of up to 3.4, the latest range of heat pumps from Hamworthy Heating also includes an invertor-controlled compressor to match the heat demand of the building accurately and efficiently. 

Suitable for larger heating and domestic hot water (DHW) commercial applications, the latest range of Tyneham heat pumps with CO2 refrigerant is available in six models with outputs from 65kW to 130kW in normal and low noise options (Q). Units can be cascaded to achieve even higher outputs in larger applications. 

Suitable for installations where space is of a premium, the new Tyneham CO2 commercial heat pump range can be installed flush against a wall or back-to-back with another unit with minimal installation clearances needed.  For a low-carbon hybrid heating solution, the new heat pumps can also be seamlessly combined with Hamworthy Heating boilers, such as the Wessex Modumax MK3.

Jason Allen, Commercial Product Manager – Hamworthy Heating comments, “With decades of experience of heating buildings in the UK, we understand the importance of finding low-carbon solutions.  As heat pumps with natural refrigerant play an important role, we’ve taken the next step forward by further expanding our Tyneham commercial heat pump range with natural refrigerant.  These heat pumps will ensure our customers continue to have the best and most advanced heating and hot water solutions on their journey to net zero”

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