Network Infrastructure Assistant ECS card updated to include City & Guilds

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A range of ECS cards are available through the Electrotechnical Certification Scheme (ECS) for the Network Infrastructure industry, previously referred to as Datacomms. After an extensive process of consultation and development to develop the new Cable Network Installer apprenticeship, work was undertaken to map across qualifications and raise standards in the sector.

The Network Infrastructure Installation Assistant ECS card is for people working in the Network Infrastructure industry in a supportive role to assist other qualified staff with the installation of cables and other work under supervision. City & Guilds has now mapped its qualification to this standard and this has been approved by the relevant industry committees that oversee the process.

To be eligible for the Network Infrastructure Installation Assistant card, applicants can either undertake:

A current ECS Health, Safety and Environmental Assessment or valid exemption is also required with all ECS applications.

Andy Reakes, ECS Head of Growth, says: “This work by City & Guilds to map across their Communications Cabling and Networks qualification is a beneficial and necessary step for those in the sector. We are working with City & Guilds and other awarding organisations, employers and providers in the sector to promote better formal training and qualification development, including Level 3 awards, the Apprenticeship Standard, which is now in place, as well as a soon-to-be-launched Experienced Worker Assessment (EWA) route.”

The EWA is for industry recognition for those who have not completed an apprenticeship but have the necessary practical experience and want to demonstrate their achievement to the industry standard for skilled operatives and receive an ECS gold card.

While this EWA route is being developed, Datacomms Specialist and Advanced Datacomms Specialist card holders my either move across to the new Network Infrastructure Installer occupations or continue to renew their current cards. Further announcements will be publicised once the EWA development has been completed and when this is due for launch.

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