New data reveals the most lucrative cities for tradespeople

New data reveals the most lucrative cities for tradespeople

The latest UK Trade Skills Index has revealed that 24,400 apprentices would need to qualify each year to meet a growing labour demand. With a recent ONS survey revealing 46% of the population’s cost of living has increased over the last month, salary will be a key consideration for anyone considering a career in the trades.

To reveal which skills are most in-demand across trades in the UK, a new study by experts at job management software provider BigChange has analysed Indeed job listing data to reveal the most in-demand skills. By analysing Adzuna data they have found the highest-paying cities for each outside of London, to help attract new talent. 

Trade Top paying city Average salary in each city Most in-demand skill
Bricklayer Leeds £42,920 Construction Skills
Builder Edinburgh £43,594 Management Skills
Building surveyor Bristol £51,625 Team Work
Caretaker Manchester £27,978 Time Management
Carpenter Manchester £42,434 Joining Skills
Electrical Manchester £43,906 Time Management
Gas engineer Leeds £48,804 Time Management
Joiner Sheffield £43,271 Joining Skills
Landscaper Edinburgh £59,109 Time Management
Locksmith Leeds £47,588 Time Management
Painter decorator Liverpool £39,344 Painting & Sanding
Plasterer Manchester £40,691 Drivers Licence
Plumber Liverpool £42,117 Experience Fitting Pipes
Roofer Birmingham £40,260 Drivers Licence
Scaffolder Leicester £60,000 Drivers Licence
Window fabricator Liverpool £42,594 Team Work

According to the data, tradespeople in Manchester were most likely to earn the highest salary. Time management proved to be the highest priority skill across all the trades, proving a need for individuals competent in scheduling and goal setting, crucial for effective project management.  

To gain a further understanding of the skills requirements and salary expectations for four key trades, BigChange analysed the top five skills and average salary across the 10 biggest cities outside of London for each. The results for electricians are as follows:

The top five in-demand skills: 

  • Time management
  • Drivers licence
  • Communication skills
  • Teamwork
  • Testing experience

The top three paying cities for electricians have been revealed as Manchester (£43,906), Bristol (£43,570) and Birmingham (£42,349). 

Cities average salary
City Average Salary
Manchester £43,906
Bristol £43,570
Birmingham £42,349
Edinburgh £41,685
Glasgow £41,658
Sheffield £39,950
Leicester £39,754
Leeds £39,517
Liverpool £38,430
Nottingham £37,921

Charlotte Goulding, Chief People Officer at BigChange says,“As we can see from the data, there are so many fantastic opportunities across the trades, whether you’re a school leaver or looking for a career change.

“People may have a preconceived idea around wages across the trades, but as this study shows, there is variation in different parts of the UK and these professions are competitive when compared to the average UK salary. According to the latest ONS data, the median monthly earnings across all sectors in the UK were £2,334 – equivalent to earning an annual salary of £28,000.”

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