New Dimensions Of Well-Being With LEDVANCE Solutions

The comprehensive product portfolio of LED lighting solutions and smart lighting controls from LEDVANCE covers all lighting requirements in the hospitality industry.

Lighting for the hospitality sector is much more than a necessary technical installation. It functions also as a design element and is an important element for the well-being of guests and employees. The wide range of hospitality lighting solutions help hoteliers and caterers to present hospitality in its best light and to adapt perfectly to the needs of their guests.

Elegant and representative with the LED strip system, stylishly accentuated with the LED spotlights or cozy and intimate with Vintage Edition 1906 lamps and luminaires – better light welcomes people and invites them to linger. Energy efficiency, simple installation and low maintenance requirements contribute to a particularly economical use.

Effectful accent lighting with LED spotlights

The LEDVANCE product family of the LED spotlights provides functional and flexible lighting and sets design accents in hotel rooms, restaurants, lobbies and ancillary areas like corridors, elevators and car parks. The small flexible recessed spotlights come in minimalist styling and provide great flexibility in lighting design – they can be realigned as required.

The Tracklight Spot and Tracklight Spot Compact can be freely positioned along the power rail to create highlights in bars or restaurants and are further ideal for high-quality room layouts through aesthetic SCALE design. The tiny shaped Tracklight Spot Compact comes in attractive color schemes. Together with its seamless design, thanks to the in-track driver, it fits into every ambitious interior.

The LEDVANCE Spot Square Darklight Adjust is also designed to match the Spot-, Down- and Tracklight family of luminaires, and its cut-off angle ensures comfortable interior lighting in hotel rooms, but also shops and boutiques, even with its modern square-shape and the small frame. An external driver provides extended flexibility.

Creative lighting design in any shape with the LED strip system

The LEDVANCE LED strip system covers a wide range of professional lighting tasks in hospitality areas and ensures even more flexible lighting solutions for ambience and general lighting. For example, the strips can be easily integrated into the architecture and subtly enhance a hotel room.

In addition to the LED strips, the portfolio includes an extensive range of LED drivers, profiles for surface or recessed installation, covers and other accessories. With a wide range of available color temperatures ranging from energising, daylight white 6,500 kelvin to warm white 2,700 kelvin and lumen packages from 300 to 2,000 lumens per meter, the LED strips are suitable for virtually any lighting task in a modern lighting concept – including classic general lighting, ambient lighting and indirect lighting of niches and coves.

The TÜV-certified strips in the Superior category are particularly suitable for demanding lighting installations in large, representative buildings, like upmarket hotels, amongst other, because of their impressive colour rendering with a colour rendering index (CRI) of over 90 and an extremely long lifetime of up to 60,000 hours. All LED strips are prewired on both sides and can be shortened easily and flexibly if required.

Retro is modern: innovative LED technology in special shapes

Vintage LED lamps and luminaires from LEDVANCE are atmospheric, subtle, aesthetic and create special settings in hospitality areas. The Vintage Edition 1906 brings new life into historic shapes of lamps and luminaires and combines high-quality retro design with efficient LED lighting technology. The atmospheric, discreet light is perfect for hotel rooms that guests can wind down and relax. In hotel bathrooms, for example, the retro luminaires set stylish lighting accents – installed as mirror lighting, the Globe LED lamps with PenduLum Pro bases are retro eye-catchers. With energy savings of up to 80% compared with conventional technologies the vintage LED lamps also ensure cost effectiveness.

More details on these products can also be found on the LEDVANCE website.

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