New domestic electrician EWA now available

Domestic electrician worker assessment

Domestic electricians who need to formally recognise their skills and experience will now have a dedicated Experienced Worker Assessment (EWA) route available to them.

The domestic electrician EWA is based on the same content as the domestic electrician apprenticeship standard, so both new entrants and existing workers are assessed and accredited to the same industry standard.

To be eligible for the assessment, candidates need to be currently working as a domestic electrician with over three years’ experience. They must also hold at least a Level 2 electrical technical qualification listed in the EWA ‘skills scan’, a document that has to be completed during the application process for training providers to verify if the candidate has the relevant skills and knowledge to successfully complete the process.

Once enrolled, learners will have to achieve the Domestic Electrician Experienced Worker Qualification, which comprises five practical performance units, plus the BS 7671:2018 and full inspection and testing qualification. A key benefit of the EWA is that existing qualifications can count towards the assessment and do not need to be repeated.

After the qualification is gained, learners must undertake the AM2ED assessment, which mirrors the AM2D end point assessment taken by domestic electrician apprentices at the end of their training.

The assessment follows the footsteps of the EWA, for installation and maintenance electricians, that was launched in 2020. Both were developed by an industry group comprising The Electrotechnical Skills Partnership (TESP), Certsure, ECA, ECS, NAPIT, City & Guilds, EAL, the IET and Unite.

It will be recognised in the Electrotechnical Assessment Specification as equivalent to the domestic electrician apprenticeship. Achievement of the qualification, along with the AM2ED assessment, meets the qualification criteria for an ECS Domestic Electrician gold card application.

The EWA is available in England, Wales and Northern Ireland from accredited EAL training centres from City & Guilds centres.

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