New framework provides management leadership for the BSE sector

New framework provides management leadership for the BSE sector

A new framework mapping the skills and competencies required for higher management roles in the Building Services Engineering (BSE) sector has been developed following research by the ECA and B&ES (previously HVCA).

The BSE Higher Skills Project found that there is a great deal of consistency across the sector in terms of management structures, job roles and functions, but also highlights a lack of investment in the development of ‘middle managers’.

Iain Macdonald, head of education and training at ECA said, ‘These findings present a real opportunity to set standards for best practice in BSE management. There is an urgent need for clarity and leadership around management skills in our industry, which is why ECA has invested more than £150,000 over the past two years to fund formal management skills development.’

The project was commissioned last year by the two Associations’ Joint Major Contractors Group and carried out by an independent expert, via consultation with representatives of the sector’s major companies.

Work is now underway to develop a mechanism to take forward the findings. The ECA believes that the existence of a credible management skills framework provides an opportunity for large contractors to improve the way that they acquire higher management skills, and a template against which smaller companies can measure their skill sets.

Last week the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) published a report identifying strong links between effective management and high organisational and people performance.

The BSE Higher Skills Project report and framework can be viewed online at


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