New Luminaires And Product Catalogue From Venture Lighting Europe

As one of the market leaders in metal halide technology, Venture Lighting Europe has also gathered a strong collection of LED luminaires within its product range. Alongside its existing range of high quality VLED lighting solutions, Venture has recently launched 13 new luminaires as well as new V4 lamps and lighting solutions catalogue.

The new catalogue provides an invaluable source of information on all products and has focused on the ease of navigation throughout by using a colour coding process – making it overall more comprehensive for the user. Within each fixed section there is a page dedicated to each product, concentrating on the key features and benefits, in-depth performance data and beneficial energy saving advice.

The catalogue also offers a new and improved product builder, making it easier than ever to adapt your desired luminaire; simply add the features you wish to include using the part numbering system, creating an overall easier and user friendly purchasing process that caters to the customer’s every need.

Versatile and adaptable

Over the last year, Venture Lighting has evolved its products to make them more versatile and adaptable, understanding that every customer need is different. This is the philosophy used with Venture’s 13 new products, particularly with the brand new Emergency range. The highlight of this range is the Venture in-house designed Emergency 6 IN 1 LED exit sign. Venture has continued to invest in designing new products for the ever changing lighting market and has identified a gap in that market, leading to the creation of the Emergency 6 IN 1 exit sign. With five mounting options, this piece is adaptable to any environment, making it practical and aesthetically functional. The sixth perk to this design is the LED Emergency task light. This light is an effective way to highlight exits or fire extinguishers, has a three-hour self-test, maintained or non-maintained, in the event of a mains failure.

The LED Emergency task light is an effective way to highlight exits or fire extinguishers.

As well as the creation of the Emergency range, Venture has also pushed the Street Lighting section further, massively increasing the product variety within this range. With this came the introduction of the VSoldier and VSoldier Plus, which redefines LED street lighting with cutting edge performance, build quality and polished design. Offering efficiency of 126Lm/W, a rated life of 100,000 hours and a durable construction, the VSoldier enables you to minimise your whole lighting costs providing a realistic and manageable return on investment opportunities.

Targeted markets

Venture has also expanded its targeted markets, having solutions for more specific environments, such as the VClean Highbay and the Vacademy – LED Surface Linear. The VClean Highbay is a new addition to the Highbay collection that Venture has attained, however with a more elegant finish making it a real standout piece when it comes to aesthetics. The VClean is specifically designed with food preparation environments in mind, the convex casting prevents the accumulation of dust and liquids, it is jet proof and easy to clean – making it a perfect solution for surroundings in which hygiene is fundamental. However, the unique design and technical qualities make it a showstopper for many markets.

Venture Lighting Europe has some truly exclusive concepts within its new launch of products.

The classroom environment has also been a key focus in Venture’s new launch, revealing its new Vacademy LED surface linear. A Venture in-house design, this LED surface linear is perfect for any academic surroundings. Designed to accommodate for general classroom activity, the security retained screw helps to eliminate breakage and tampering to expose dangerous wires and the polycarbonate diffuser makes this luminaire unbreakable. All of this, as well as a low anti-dust profile, makes it an ideal academic lighting solution.

Venture Lighting Europe has some truly exclusive concepts within its new launch of products and keeps its high customer service, in-house design, testing, shipping and ultimate solutions to its regular high standards.

The new catalogue is now available in digital and print formats and can be obtained directly from Venture Lighting via its website.

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