New NAPIT Trade Association meetings win over attendees

Regional meetings were held in eleven locations across England and Wales in March. They included informative presentations on current industry issues and provoked some lively debate.

Feedback from a survey, which was sent out to all attendees, showed that almost half of respondents were visiting a NAPIT Trade Association meeting for the first time. It also showed that a unanimous 100 per cent would attend again and recommend the event to a friend.

Commenting on the survey, NAPIT Trade Association chairman Frank Bertie said, ‘This year NAPIT are making the improvement of our Trade Association one of our core priorities. To encourage greater participation, we’ve been working on new presentations, bringing in exciting guest speakers and making member feedback central to the way we prioritise topics of discussion going forward. As a result, we’ve seen a significant jump in attendance.’

The NAPIT Trade Association is open to members of all NAPIT membership schemes. Attending meetings is free and provides a unique forum for participants to raise any questions and concerns they may have regarding the key issues that affect the industry in which they work.

The Trade Association is just one of many benefits available NAPIT members. To find out more about NAPIT membership schemes and their associated benefits, visit and download the free NAPIT membership booklet.

Regional member council meetings are taking place across England and Wales throughout 2014. If you’re a NAPIT member and you want to get involved, visit to find out when your next local meeting will be held.

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