New poll: Only 22% of homeowners would choose a heat pump

New poll: Only 22% of homeowners would choose a heat pump

As 59% of homeowners continue to favour gas heating systems, the construction sector has launched Green Home Festival to encourage public adoption of sustainable heating technologies.

Homeowners remain hesitant towards heat pump technology, despite its pivotal role in achieving the nation’s ambitious low carbon targets, according to a new poll by the Scottish and Northern Ireland Plumbing Employers’ Federation (SNIPEF).

From a poll of 1,100 adults, only 22% opted for a heat pump for their next home heating system, highlighting considerable public resistance towards transitioning to the more sustainable heating alternative. The majority continued to favour gas heating systems (59%), followed by electric (11%) and oil boilers (8%).

Public resistance to heat pumps can be attributed mainly to the perceived complexity of the technology and an insufficient understanding of its long-term benefits over conventional systems. Additionally, the considerable upfront costs and the possible requirement for home modifications act as further deterrents, intensifying public hesitation.

The poll findings follow the recent announcement by Home Energy Scotland that funding for solar PV and energy storage systems will only now be available as part of a package with a heat pump or high heat retention storage heaters.

Commenting on the results, Fiona Hodgson, SNIPEF Chief Executive, says, “While these findings highlight the challenges we face, they also emphasise the need for further action.

“As industry leaders, we need to address the misconceptions around heat pumps and do more to help households understand the environmental and financial benefits they offer.

“The Construction Industry Collective Voice’s (CICV) Green Home Festival is one part of the solution, showcasing a range of green living options and technologies, such as heat pumps, to help homeowners take the necessary steps towards a sustainable future.”

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