New residential solar inverter meets growing UK demand

GoodWe has launched a new hybrid solar inverter as the demand for residential energy storage solutions continues to grow across the UK.

The ES G2 Series is a single-phase, low-voltage hybrid inverter developed to meet the evolving energy needs of domestic properties by increasing the self-consumption of solar energy generated on site.

Its integrated plug-and-play functionality and compact, lightweight design means solar PV installations can be quicker and easier to complete than ever before, according to GoodWe. Meanwhile, its smart home integration makes it the appropriate choice for forward-thinking homeowners. A key feature of the ES G2 is its automatic switching to back-up power mode in less than 10ms when connected to a battery if there’s a power cut, ensuring minimal disruption and key appliances remain in operation.

Another smart feature of the ES G2 is that it is set up for multi-protocol communications. This allows homeowners to connect to the inverter in three different ways, over Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi and LAN, and over 4G, enabling them to monitor the system at all times, whether at home or remotely.

The single-phase inverter is available with outputs ranging from 3-6kW and, thanks to its peak-shaving function and parallel operation, multiple units can work in tandem to offer a combined capacity of up to 30kW.

The ES G2 enhances operational safety with remote shutdown, as well as a range of other safety features, to provide all-round protection for the inverter and the whole PV system. Compatibility with a wide range of low voltage batteries – such as the GoodWe Lynx Home U – boosts the reliability of energy supply, while the inverter’s ability to start and stop a connected diesel generator creates the potential for system redundancy if required.

Eugene Lucarelli, Marketing Manager at GoodWe UK, says, “The rising cost of energy has increased the number of UK homeowners exploring microgeneration and independence from the grid, which has in turn boosted demand for inverters.

“Our new ES G2 series of hybrid solar inverters will help installers to meet the demand for intuitive solar PV systems which are as easy to use as they are to install. By bringing such an intelligent solution to the market, our aim is to help the market for solar PV installations to fulfil its potential, while allowing homeowners to invest in a greener source of energy.”

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