New strengths added to Rako’s evolving lighting control hub

Rako has increased functionality and simplified third party integration for its feature-rich HUB interface.

“The HUB is a powerful future proof device that will continually evolve to include new features as technology and user expectations change,” says Peter Broome, Director at Rako Controls. “We’ve now added improved app control, simplified remote access and enhanced our patented NFC (Near Field Communication) wireless technology. We have also extended our third-party integration to include drivers for Crestron Home, Elan and native support of Silent Gliss. These new HUB features will make Rako system installation, integration and remote management quicker and easier, and deliver additional advantages for Rako customers.”

Remote Access and MyRako

The HUB automatically enables fast and secure access to Rako cloud services via the Rako app, without the need for port forwarding via a home router. Simply create a MyRako account to enable connection to multiple properties fitted with a Rako HUB to control and manage system information remotely.

Rako and NFC

Rako’s patented technology using wireless NFC communication is now possible with the HUB. Integrators can take any Rako NFC product and place it on the HUB’s pad for simple programming and connection to the system. A simple software upgrade via the web interface will enable this feature in all Rako HUBs.

Further additions to 3rd party integration

Native support of Silent Gliss integration and new drivers for Elan and Crestron Home makes connection to third party devices and control more efficient and powerful. Already, native control of QMotion wireless automated blinds is embedded within the HUB and SONOS audio systems can be seamlessly added into a Rako system. As it connects with Rako Cloud services, the HUB also supports all major branded smart home speakers, including Alexa, Apple Home kit and Google Home.

Whilst the HUB is not essential to the operation of a Rako system, the benefits of this added functionality make it a valuable component to any system. Available in two versions to complement Rako’s wired and wireless product range, the HUB also provides the unique ability for a seamless link between a Rako wired and wireless lighting system. An additional benefit is that Rako’s lighting control is independent of WiFi, making it a reliable and robust network. The HUB is a compact, counter-sized unit that offers time-based functionality as well as conditional logic and advanced system features that can be triggered from either a wired or wireless command.

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