New tools in the b,a,g, make control gear specification simple

The new tool allows you to search for b,a,g control gear by lamp type, wattage and number of lamps and you can also do a search to find the equivalent b,a,g, product to other control gear manufacturers. All you need to know is their product code or description.

The b,a,g, control gear search tool can be found on the Megaman website ( via link to the dedicated microsite. Megaman UK teamed up with the b,a,g, Group two years ago to bring b,a,g,’s exciting range of innovative, energy saving lighting solutions to the UK market. In parallel, the two companies are now sharing their global research and development efforts to ensure that light sources and controls evolve in harmony to deliver maximum efficiency and performance benefits.

The microsite also provides access to control gear for many lamps, including T5, T8, CFL non-dimmable/dimmable, HID, plus ignitors and other accessories. The b,a,g, product portfolio is now focused on components for LED lighting, and control gear for FL and HID lamps.

There is also the opportunity to download the latest b,a,g, catalogue or download specific product data sheets from the product pages.

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