New white paper from Eaton helps electricians meet requirements of EN 61439

The white paper, entitled ‘Power Switchgear and Controlgear Assemblies and Distribution Boards according to EN 61439’, explains the protection philosophy behind the standards and enables electricians, and those involved with the planning, specification and inspection of low-voltage switchgear, to ensure continued safety and compliance.

When EN 61439 was launched in 2010, it brought with it a host of changes. New terminology such as ‘low-voltage switchgear’ and ‘controlgear assembly’ was introduced and type-testing was replaced with ‘design verification’. The areas of responsibility for those involved with electrical assemblies were redefined with, for the first time, a clear definition between the obligations of an original equipment manufacturer and those of a manufacturer of switchgear and controlgear assemblies.

In its new white paper Eaton specifically examines the challenges that EN 61439 presents to these two groups and to the users of the resulting assemblies and provides practical guidance in an easily searchable and accessible format. The white paper covers topics including manufacture of a switchgear and controlgear assembly, design verification, routine verification, marking and documentation and interfaces characteristics. It also includes a section on the most frequently asked questions which has been compiled following feedback received from users.

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