NG Bailey announces fifth annual sustainability report

NG Bailey announces fifth annual sustainability report

NG Bailey has released its fifth annual sustainability report following a successful year of carbon reduction.

The report details the company’s successes in sustainability and demonstrates ways in which it remains committed to a sustainable future.

Produced as two separate documents, one report looks at the company’s sustainability goals and future plans, while the other gives an insight into the sustainability offering available to customers.

In 2010, NG Bailey put in place its Target 2012 sustainability programme, committing to reduce costs, carbon, waste to landfill and water by 2012.

The campaign has played a significant role in the group’s carbon reduction, owing to a 13 per cent carbon reduction throughout the organisation’s operations and an 18 per cent CO2 reduction in its estate buildings already. This success puts the company in a strong position to achieve its goal of a 20 per cent CO2 reduction by 2012.

Sustainability director, Cal Bailey, plays a pivotal role in the sustainability of the company and is delighted with the results that NG Bailey has seen so far.

He said, ‘It is exciting to be part of a company that has so much vision. Sustainability is vital for future growth and success and NG Bailey is at the forefront of new processes and technologies.’

NG Bailey’s 2011 Sustainability Report is available for download at

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