NICEIC and the Electrical Industries Charity deliver mental health support

Mental Health

With suicide rates among professionals in the electrical industry the highest of any profession, NICEIC and the Electrical Industries Charity are joining forces to get everyone talking about mental health and wellbeing.

This Blue Monday, the date in the calendar many refer to as the gloomiest day of the year, NICEIC will deliver its fourth WIRE episodes dedicated to the topic.

NICEIC’s Learning and Wellbeing Manager Danny Mouskovias, says, “It is essential that the taboo associated with talking about mental health is removed and that the many men and women of our industry have somewhere to turn should they need it.

“This session will provide guidance on how to start those all-important conversations and provide practical tips on things we can all do to ensure we take better care of ourselves and each other.”

Guest speaker Grace Ellis, continues, “The Electrical Industries Charity is dedicated to supporting the electrical and energy industries. Such a huge part of what we do encompasses mental health, and we have a wide range of help and resources available. Our service is free to access and is completely confidential. The webinar will discuss what support is available to you, should you need it.”

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