NICEIC leads the way with solar PV installation

NICEIC leads the way with solar PV installation

NICEIC has joined the renewable revolution with a solar panel installation at its headquarters in Houghton Regis.

The firm had 39 solar panels installed on its premises at Houghton Hall Park by renewable specialist Puragen. The system will generate an estimated 7,690kW of electricity every year.

Emma Clancy, CEO at NICEIC said, ‘Renewable energy is an important part of the UK’s energy future and we feel it’s important that we embrace it.

‘As a business with a strong sense of corporate responsibility, we are committed to reducing our own carbon footprint and with the addition of these solar panels it brings us much closer to our goal.’

The installation is expected to save NICEIC approximately £700 on its energy bill each year, with a further income earned via the Feed-in-Tariff payment.

‘NICEIC is committed to reducing carbon emissions by 2020 and promoting the uptake of renewable technologies between now and then. We recognise that one of the best ways to encourage low impact business practices is to demonstrate them in action,’ added Emma.

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