Nualight Puts On A Good Display

Nualight has released a selection of Red-Tone additions to its Orion range of LED refrigeration lighting to bring new depths to refrigerated meat displays.

Retailers must display time sensitive products like meat under the correct lighting to communicate the freshness of the products and enable customers to make the right purchase decisions.

To help retailers and display case manufacturers provide the best lighting conditions, Nualight has added Red-Tone (RT) variants to its Orion range of LED refrigeration lighting. Orion Red-Tone solutions are designed to enhance fresh meat display cases, picking up and strengthening the natural reds found in the products.

The Orion range also contains no UV and IR and does not generate excess heat. This ensures packaging will not fade and create a barrier to the communication of important information. Orion is designed to cover a wider colour spectrum than traditional fluorescents and provides an environment where the true colours of the meat are reflected.

The new lighting additions also offer the existing high performance features of the existing Orion range, including industry leading efficacies, 50K hour life times and fast delivery times for stocked products.

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