Octopus Energy’s EV roaming service surpasses milestone

Octopus Energy’s electric vehicle roaming service, Electric Universe, has surpassed 300,000 charge points globally as it rebrands to supercharge international growth. Only two years since launch, it is now one of the world’s largest ‘virtual’ EV charging networks.

Electric Universe (formerly Electric Juice) is making charging electric cars simple, allowing drivers to use just one card and one app to access over 300,000 public charge points from a range of brands across the globe.

The breadth of charge points accessible on Electric Universe is quickly expanding internationally. Over 450 charging networks have joined, including IONITY, Osprey, Mer, Fastned, Char.gy and EVBox. In just the last two months since Geniepoint, MFG and ShellRecharge joined the roaming service, adding hundreds more rapid chargers for customers across the UK, with more scheduled to come onboard this year.

This milestone comes as Electric Universe launches new product features to drastically improve the EV charging experience, including an interactive map showing EV charge points and their availability across more than 50 countries. The new feature prevents ‘range anxiety’, alleviating fears of running out of power before finding a charger.

The EV market is set to massively grow with 230 million EVs forecast to be on the roads globally by 2030. The UK currently has around 465,000 EVs, with the government laying out ambitions for a tenfold increase in charge points by 2030. More than half of drivers aged 16 to 49 years are now likely to switch to an EV within the next decade.

Zoisa North-Bond, CEO of Octopus Energy for Business, the business arm of Octopus Energy that created Electric Universe, comments: “Going from zero to over 300,000 EV chargers in two years reflects our rocket-speed growth – and this is only the beginning for Electric Universe. On the road to greater electrification of our society, drivers are increasingly choosing electric. Being able to charge an EV easily will underpin this shift. We’re moving full steam ahead to grow our EV roaming service even further globally to help accelerate the transition to a cheaper, greener energy future.”

Matt Davies, Director of Octopus Energy’s Electric Universe, adds: “For many, charging simplicity is the key to making the switch to an EV. The technology we’re building with Electric Universe means that the greener and cheaper option will also be the easiest option – positively transforming the EV charging experience for people across the globe today and in the years to come.”



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