Okappy launches market network for tradesmen

The Okappy platform provides a number of features designed to improve communication for companies with field service workers. Companies can connect to each other, send and receive jobs and share the status of those in real-time as they are updated by the engineer out in the field.

The platform helps companies eradicate paperwork, reduce duplication and end disputes over invoices. With Okappy you can immediately see what was done for each job and raise an invoice as soon as the job is complete.

Whilst other job management software works within a company, Okappy’s market network means the benefits of improved communication are shared with your customers and subcontractors. 

Gerry So, director of Okappy, commented on the launch ‘For many companies, knowing what is happening with their jobs means chasing for paperwork, lots of phone calls or emails.’

‘By combining the benefits of a marketplace, with a social network and online job management software we can reduce paperwork, reduce stress and improve cashflow by ensuring your invoices are paid on time.’

More information can be found on the Okappy website, www.okappy.com


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