Omron relay extends current capacity for EV charging and UPS

Omron relay extends current capacity for EV charging and UPS

Omron Electronic Components Europe has expanded its G7EB high-power relay portfolio, with a new 120A carry type for control and instrumentation applications including PV inverters, electric vehicle charging and uninterruptible power supplies. The new G7EB-1A-E provides the key advantage of heat generation suppression, which reduces contact resistance compared with competitors.

The new G7EB-1A-E extends the existing G7EB relay capability by increasing the rated carry current from 100A to 120A and enabling 30000 operations with 40A make/break and 120A carry currents.

Increasing demand for data centre capacity entails higher capacity for the relays in associated uninterruptible power supplies. For example, extending 400V three-phase UPS’ from 60 to 80kVA requires increasing relay capacity from 100A up to 120A.

AC input applications in electric vehicle charging systems are another target application for these latest G7EB high-power relays. The 120A model is well suited to Mode3 EV chargers operating with single phase 19.2kW for inverter switching. Furthermore, the new relays deliver the 20kW DC charger requirements of DC-output EV chargers using Mode4 and V2H AC input inverter switching.

The new G7EB-1A-E relays are available now from the company as well as its partners, authorised stockists and resellers.

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