On the Road proves a successful journey for NAPIT EXPO

Aligning with the NAPIT Trade Association, NAPIT’s annual one-day event was changed to a national, nine-location Roadshow this year to not only reach installers on their doorstep, but also hear their industry concerns.

Documenting the tour in pictures and videos, NAPIT have recently released a video of the highlights which are available to view on YouTube at www.youtube.com/watch?v=F7OfwA7sGr4

NAPIT group chief executive Michael Andrews said: ‘EXPO has been a fantastic opportunity for us to not only support installers with the regulation changes, but also address concerns across a number of key industry issues.’

Feedback at each of the events showed that over 98% of visitors got what they needed from the presentations to help them understand Amendment 3.

Michael Andrews continued: ‘Ensuring all members were given the correct information whilst cutting through trade myths was the main focus for us and their feedback showed we achieved this. We continue to make them free of charge as part of our member support package and the change of format gave installers a greater opportunity to take advantage of our expert’s knowledge, without cutting into their working day.’

For more information, please visit: www.napit.org.uk



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