One year to go for UK EV charge point grants

One year to go for UK EV charge point grants

The countdown clock is ticking for installers and their customers to access UK Government grants towards electric vehicle (EV) charge point installations.

Businesses, landlords, flat owners, renters and households who park on the street have, from 31 March 2025, one year left to claim the hundreds of pounds available for each charge point installed. Many of the schemes involve the installer applying for the grants.

Most of the financial incentives still available from the Office for Zero Emission Vehicles (OZEV) will close on 31 March 2025. The schemes were designed to encourage EV adoption now that the purchase grants for electric cars are long gone (although the Plug-in Van and Truck Grant runs until 31 March 2025 with purchase discounts for individuals and organisations).

The grants with one year to run are:

The Workplace Charging Scheme: Offers businesses, charities and public sector employers up to £350 per charging socket, for up to 40 sockets in total across each applicant’s site or sites. 

State-funded education institutions: 75% off the cost to buy and install charge points up to a maximum of £2,500 per socket and 40 sockets across all sites.

Infrastructure grant for staff and fleets: For wider building work to install multiple charge point sockets now and in the future; up to £350 per charge point socket installed and up to £500 per parking space enabled, to a maximum of £15,000.

Charge point and infrastructure grants for landlords: Up to £350 per socket for up to 200 each year for residential properties and 100 commercial properties. Infrastructure grants for the wider work needed to install multiple charge points are £500 per parking space, for charge points installed now or envisaged in the future.

For renters or flat owners: Up to £350 to install a charge point at a dedicated off-street parking space.

Households with On-Street Parking: Up to £350 for EV drivers who are installing a cross-pavement solution to enable them to use a home charge point for an EV parked in the street outside their home.

Daniel Forsberg, Marketing Manager EVSE at charge point manufacturer CTEK, says: “There is just one year left to access these OZEV grants, which are helpful in making EV charging infrastructure more accessible and its installation more affordable.

“CTEK’s EV charging solutions, especially the robust CC3 charge point which is built to last and futureproofed with the latest communication and security standards, complement OZEV’s grants by providing easily installed, reliable and efficient charging, ensuring employers, renters, flat owners and landlords can confidently invest in EV charging. 

“The grants are a big incentive for customers to get their EV charging in place within the next 12 months, and OZEV-approved installers will also be keen to maximise the number and size of projects they can achieve before the end of March next year.

For more from CTEK, click here.

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