Ovia adds new Suspension Cable Kits to lighting accessories range

Suspension cables

Ovia continues to invest in new and enhanced products and the latest development sees the launch of a new Suspension Cable Kit designed for the Inceptor A-Lite and Inceptor B-Lite linear battens. The adjustable stainless steel cable allows installers to easily hang lighting safely and securely, at the height that is required.

The B-Lite compatible kit is a standard Suspension Cable Kit comprising of two 1,500mm of cable, two screws and two plugs. The A-Lite compatible kit is a Y-Shaped Suspension Cable Kit with two 1,500mm of cable, two screws and two plugs. In each case, simply feed the wire through to adjust to the required length.

Inceptor B-Lite is a range of 4ft, 5ft and 6ft linear batten multi-current LED fittings, available in standard, microwave sensor, emergency sensor and microwave and emergency sensor versions. They are a direct replacement for conventional battens and boast many features.

A security wire, pre-attached to the base of the product, allows the diffuser to be hung from the base and means the installer doesn’t have to remove the cover and place it aside during installation. The diffuser can be easily pulled apart from the steel base with the help of spring clips, allowing for quicker and easier installation.

Inceptor A-Lite is a range of College LED linear battens available in standard, microwave sensor and emergency versions and in two sizes 1,200mm (4ft) and 1,500mm (5ft). A choice of wattages is offered – 17W, 25W, 32W, 50W and 60W – and all models include a CTA (colour temperature adjustable) switch – a built-in, three position switch which allows for instant change of the colour temperature, from warm white (3,000k), to cool white (4,000k) to daylight (6,000k).

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