Pandemic creates high demand for door entry systems

As much of the country is once more forced into some sort of lockdown restrictions, efforts continue on all fronts to create safe environments for people to work, shop, dine and keep fit. With the emphasis on ensuring minimum risk of exposure to the coronavirus, building owners have been following guidelines and implementing ways of restricting access to premises to authorised personnel only.  This has resulted in a huge rise in demand for access control systems and one company seeing the benefit of this surge is leading security products supplier, ESP.

Comments Neil Baldwin, ESP managing director: “Since July we have seen a continual and striking uplift in sales across the whole of our access control product category. All types of businesses big and small are seeing the benefits of installing door entry systems to control access to the buildings as a means to help reduce the transmission of the virus. We have had orders for work on hotels, GP surgeries, schools, dentists, office premises and building sites.

As a leading security products supplier, ESP offers a broad range of door entry solutions from simple audio only door entry products which can provide an ideal solution for those projects which are cost-sensitive, through to the more sophisticated multi-way video door entry systems.

ESP is keen to encourage installers not to view access control as the domain of a security specialist. They will already possess the necessary skill set required for a quality installation.

They can help get this message across and at the same time be seen to add value for their customers by offering advice on the products and solutions available. This can save their customers the time and effort required to research these opportunities.

At a time when budgets are being tightly scrutinised on projects, it is proving a cost-effective solution to opt for a good quality audio only system at the beginning of a project, with the option to upgrade to a video monitor at a later date.

ESP’s Aperta door access system is suitable for the domestic market, as well as for small to medium commercial installations. The audio door entry handset provides specifiers and installers with a less expensive option than a video door entry system, making it an ideal entry level solution where cost-efficiency on a project may be a key requirement.

Working on a non-polarity two-wire bus system, an Aperta system allows for simple and time-effective installation and offers versatility – supporting any configuration of audio only handset and video monitor. Two-way audio allows for clear audio identification of the visitor, while features on the handset include ring tone selection, doorbell option, intercom call, lock release function and volume adjustment.

One of ESP’s most popular door entry products is the Aperta EZTAG door entry system, which is a sleek keypad and proximity reader, designed to provide a compact, durable and convenient solution for a wide variety of access control applications. It is very straightforward to install and commission, with simple self-contained programming. EZTAG3 is an IP65 rated combined access control keypad with proximity tag or pin code activation, accommodating up to 1,010 key tag holders or pin numbers. It comes complete with 10 tags and features a robust housing with a narrow footprint allowing installation where space is at a premium. The units are further enhanced with the use of LED operational indicators and an attractive blue backlighting of the keypad.

The pandemic has undoubtedly fuelled additional growth in the access control market which was already benefitting from a growing awareness regarding home security systems, ongoing technological advancements, and increasing use of wireless security systems. According to Markets and Markets research, the global access control systems market size is projected to grow from USD 8.6 billion in 2020 to USD 12.8 billion by 2025, growing at a CAGR of 8.2%.

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