Pegasus makes small screen debut

Richard Shaw, managing director of Ellis, said: ‘We’ve earned a reputation in recent times of being the only manufacturer capable of delivering brand new solutions that meet project specific requirements.

‘Well now we’ve gone even further by creating what I can only describe as a standard bespoke product range. It really does need to be seen to be believed, which is exactly why we’ve created the 3D animation – it brings Pegasus to life and gets across quickly and easily exactly what it’s capable of.’

Pegasus is based upon a rigid extruded spine that has been carefully designed using a combination of FEA and physical testing to ensure the strongest possible backbone. And because it is manufactured from a tempered engineering grade of corrosion resistant aluminium it is light enough to be installed by just one person.

Its plastic hangers, which are initially available in four varieties, can accommodate cables of all types and are made from an LUL 1-085 approved.special high strength low smoke and fume zero halogen polymer.

To see Pegasus in action visit

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