Pioneering collaboration aims to ‘shake up’ the UK construction sector

National framework provider Pagabo has forged a collaboration with the Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC) at the university of Sheffield, challenging methods in the construction sector, pioneering ideas embracing new technology.

The AMRC offers a suite of advanced manufacturing technology capabilities for a range of sectors, offering open access to the latest industrial equipment, leading expertise and an environment of collaboration between industry, academia and government.

Its research develops methods that are of use to the manufacturing industry. The organisation transforms industrial and economic performance by making changes in productivity, increasing competitiveness, developing new products and processes and training talent.

Steve Foxley, CEO of the University of Sheffield AMRC, says: “We see construction as an exciting industry to benefit from our learnings.

“We want to work with Pagabo to create a catalyst for change. They have a unique role within the industry and has influence across a wide portion of the industry

“We will be learning from the automotive and aerospace industries and seeing where we can adapt methods that would work in the construction sector.”

Just a few weeks into the relationship, research into harnessing technology to streamline health and safety methods on sites is under way.

Gerard Toplass, executive chairman of Pagabo, comments: “Everyone agrees that construction is a sector that has been left behind in terms of new ways of working.

“We want to totally shake up the sector – and create change.”

Pagabo created The Future of Construction (TFOC) initiative to drive industry-wide collaboration.

“This collaboration between Pagabo and the AMRC will bring the sector together, unify objectives and drive forward real change.

“We intend to build on the government’s agenda for its ‘build, build, build’ initiative. We want to foster a new way that future-proofs the construction sector, secures jobs and builds sustainably.”

Joining them in the venture will be C4DI, the incubator company that promotes growth in tech businesses, specialist data company Yondr and industry leader Lord Bob Kerslake, states; “Research and development are low in construction, there is little collaboration. Combined, we want to make a difference within the next ten years.”

Professor Rab Scott, head of digital at the University of Sheffield AMRC, adds that in weeks, the collaboration had already created change, saying: “We started working with Pagabo on health and safety and looking at ways of using digital technologies to streamline processes.

“The diversity of the team is one of the great things that makes me get up in the morning. We are proud of what we are doing and what we are going to do. It is about meaningful relationships, and this is just the start.”

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