Power Electrics’ record breaking new sponsorship deal

The Bloodhound Project aims to inspire a new generation of scientists, engineers and mathematicians by designing and building a supersonic racing car which will set a new 1,000mph World Land Speed Record in South Africa in 2016.

As an official product sponsor, Power Electrics is of paramount importance to the project. The company will ensure the Bloodhound Team has the temporary power it needs to achieve its mission, supplying it with diesel generators and ancillary equipment for major events across the UK.

Project Bloodhound is an iconic research and development programme, but perhaps more importantly it is an education initiative. With a decline in the number of people choosing to study science, technology, engineering and maths at school and university, this project is about more than achieving breakneck speeds across an African desert; it’s about inspiring the engineers of the future.

Indeed, it is Bloodhound SSC’s commitment to developing the future of engineering and technology which particularly appeals to Power Electrics: a family run business in its second generation. Now in its 51st year, Power Electrics employs over 200 people around the UK – including 54 electrical engineers.

Brian Holland, Power Electrics’ business development director, said, ‘We are proud to be associating our brand with an iconic engineering project that closely matches our values of innovation and creativity. Not since the space race in the 1960s have we seen a project as exciting as Bloodhound SSC, encouraging children to become the next generation of British engineers.’

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