Power to the professionals in green sector, says NAPIT

Power to the professionals in green sector, says NAPIT

More households are expected to join the green revolution and turn to renewable energy this year as consumers look to drive down their fuel bills.

Rising energy prices and the continued pressures on household budgets in the current economic climate are all likely to encourage more people to look at cost effective ‘green’ energy.

The demand to ‘Go Green’ offers a great opportunity for companies already involved in electrical installation or plumbing and heating work to develop their skills and tap in to the Microgeneration sector.

NAPIT has given its full backing to the growing popularity for renewable energy technologies like solar heating and wind turbines to be installed in domestic properties.

The government approved register holder already operates a Microgeneration Certification Scheme designed to cover all the regulations and working practices and provide the complete solution for green energy installers in an efficient and cost effective way.

Chief executive John Andrews believes NAPIT is well placed to be able to offer training for electrical installation work associated with Microgeneration technology and that is suitable for Building Regulations approval.

With the growing demand for these technologies, those with the knowledge and skills to install renewable products will be in an excellent position,’ he said.

‘Householders are also now very aware of the importance of using professional, certified tradespeople and are increasingly looking to register holders such as NAPIT to find properly registered installers.’

To join the NAPIT Microgeneration Certification Scheme, the installation company must employ, or use under contract, individuals who have the skills, knowledge, understanding and the relevant training and qualifications listed in the standards.

NAPIT is a government approved register holder of over 8,000 registered installers involved in the electrical, ventilation, plumbing and heating industries in England and Wales. It regularly carries out assessments of its members’ competence and working practices.

For further information about NAPIT’s Microgeneration Certification Scheme visit: www.napit.org.uk

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