Power upgrade benefits Kenardington

Kenardington project

UK Power Networks is investing £1.2 million to upgrade the electricity grid connecting homes and businesses in the Kenardington area of Ashford.

The company is increasing network resilience and boosting capacity at its existing site in Kenardington.

A 19-tonne transformer was connected at the substation via a second circuit, increasing network flexibility and unlocking more than 4.5MW of additional capacity. The improvements will maintain reliable supplies and enable more low carbon technologies to connect.

Damian Conroy, Programme Manager at UK Power Networks, says, “Our project in Kenardington forms part of a programme of infrastructure investment across the south east.

“We are committed to keeping safe and reliable power supplies flowing to the communities that we serve, enabling customers to continue going about their lives with the essential power they need. This project will deliver long-term benefits for hundreds of customers in the area.”

Electricity transformers step down voltage so that power can be safely delivered to smaller electricity substations and homes. The substation at Kenardington helps deliver electricity supplies to nearly 2,000 homes and businesses across the local area.

The scheme is part of the £600 million being invested by UK Power Networks in the electricity networks across the south east, London and east of England this year.

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