Powerhouse collaboration for BAM Charging Solutions and Sevadis

Powerhouse collaboration for BAM Charging Solutions and Sevadis

Sevadis has announced it is joining forces with BAM Charging Solutions, a division of BAM, to form a powerhouse collaboration in supporting the future of electrification.

The partnership is set to provide seamless AC and DC charging solutions to BAM’s existing and prospective customers, expand Sevadis’ network of EV charging points and reinforce businesses’ pathways to achieve net zero objectives.

As part of the BAM’s wider sustainability plan, the company has recently built a brand new state-of-the-art eco headquarters in Kilsyth, near Glasgow. This has been completed with a range of Sevadis EV charging solutions. BAM opted for 32 MaxiChargers with LCD screens in 16 custom pillars with contactless card readers. These provide drivers with convenient charging sessions that can be activated without the requirement of an app. Additionally, a 100kW MaxiCharger DC Fast charging station was also deployed on-site to enable rapid charging. This can get an EV up to 80% battery in 30 minutes or less.

By combining their expertise and resources, the two companies are set to make a substantial impact on the EV charging landscape. The MaxiCharger is a solution known for its remarkable 99% reliability rate and when combined with BAM’s high-level design and installation skills, the partnership will provide a smooth and trouble-free EV charging experience for businesses and consumers alike.

Craig Slater, Managing Director at Sevadis, says, “At Sevadis, we believe in the power of collaboration, and this partnership exemplifies our commitment to providing superior solutions that drive the adoption of electric vehicles. We’re excited about the positive impact this will have on BAM’s customers, as they will benefit from our collective strengths, innovation, and exceptional customer service.”

Mark Talbot, Operations Manager of BAM Site Solutions says, “At BAM Charging Solutions, our ethos is to provide our clients with the most suitable, robust and modern charging infrastructure available, all as part of our holistic EV Charging offering. The use of Sevadis equipment and expertise is proven. This continues to aid us in delivering future proofed EV charging facilities for existing and new clients, thereby achieving a joint drive towards a net zero future.”

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