BEG Allows You To Compose Your Light At ED&I

Lighting controls specialist BEG will be showing its new innovative range of intelligent light controls using the DALI open standard at the ED&I Expo at the NEC Birmingham this month.

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The BEG LUXOMATnet DALI System provides end users with an entire intelligent lighting control package which includes multi-sensors, relay modules, switch interfaces, a power supply with USB interface and DALI software for set-up with the DALI electronic ballasts.

The maker says this scalable network solution allows for greater energy efficiency in buildings, while also providing enhanced well-being for the room/buildings occupants. There are solutions from single rooms, to multiple rooms to full building control which integrates into the Building Management System (BMS).

Features on the single room solution include Bluetooth enabled DALI push button interface and the ability to completely switch off the electronic ballasts to increase energy savings.

In the multi-room solution, such as open plan offices, multi-floor offices and stairways set-up can by using the free PC Microsoft Windows commissioning tool via the DALI power supply and USB interface. This allows up to 16 groups and scenes to be created.

For the complete BMS solution, by combining the multi-room with DALI routers, commissioning is set up via the LAN/Ethernet, while allowing central management of all the lighting control, including the emergency lighting. Even lamp errors can be sent by email.

The Guided Light Function is an occupancy-dependent control which synchronises across groups so if motion is registered in one group the surrounding groups can react, for example with dimmed light. In an open-planned office environment, the occupied workstation can be fully illuminated, and the surrounding lighting groups provide orientation lighting without detecting motion themselves.

Users have the option of programming the occupancy sensor, via the software, to select between switching mode (light 100% on/off) and dimming mode (mixed light regulation, dimmed only as much as necessary), or to completely deactivate occupancy detection for use as a photoelectric switch.

For example, a DALI system can work perfectly in less demanding areas without occupancy sensors. For stairways where no sensors are installed – the special stairway function can be activated.

A time delay can be defined controlling how long the light should remain on after it is switched on by activating a push button. Once the time is over, the light switches off for a short time, and then on again for 30 seconds. This gives anyone in the stairway the chance to restart the follow-up time, if light is required for longer.

Visit BEG on Stands 142 and 44.

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