Enable Your Infrastructure With PowerTag From Schneider


For building owners, reducing operating costs and improving reliability and efficiency is a challenge. Over the last decade, a greater focus has been placed on the need to reduce energy consumption and waste. However, the performance and condition of electrical assets at a final distribution level remain unknown to building owners and operators.

Energy saving, reliability and efficiency improvement at the level of final distribution presents an untapped opportunity for operating cost reductions. Fortunately, asset monitoring solutions exist, which not only help save energy, but also monitor electrical assets, warning of small problems before they become large ones.

PowerTag from Schneider Electric is one of the smallest wireless energy sensors available on the market and has been designed to enhance the monitoring of electrical assets. PowerTag has been built to connect with ease to a miniature circuit breaker, to add connectivity, and to provide building owners and facility managers with precise, powerful, and real time data to increase the health of a facility’s strategic assets.

PowerTag has been designed to enhance the monitoring of electrical assets.

This connection provides the currents, voltages, power factor and energy to better manage critical loads, leading to higher reliability and efficiency of the electrical installation. Data is sent wirelessly and displayed via inbuilt web pages and fed into a larger electronic monitoring system (EMS) or BMS. Data can also be leveraged to create customised e-mail alarms to assist facility managers with remote monitoring of their assets.

Customer demand for new solutions that address the critical challenges of building asset and energy management is rapidly growing. PowerTag provides the innovation to make asset and energy management simpler. PowerTag can be easily fitted onto most circuit breakers bypassing the need for complex wiring or additional space requirements. It takes five minutes to install a PowerTag and from then you’re on and connected.

PowerTag allows for real time detection and notification of potential issues before they occur allowing operators to perform necessary maintenance to keep a building running as intended. Connected, intelligent equipment and systems have proven their ability to provide greater insight into performance and deliver a considerable and measurable return on investment.

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